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Performance Reviews

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Dancers that made the year great. By Sid Smith Dec. 19, 2008
"...Jamy Meek brings speed, poetry and authority to his performances for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago....Meek returned to perform brilliantly in Johan Inger's "Walking Mad" earlier this month, showing off that indefinable smoothness and inimitable command that distinguishes his work. Tall and limber, he can be lickety-split in speed, almost feminine in grace and always authoritative and controlled. A mighty poet."

Dance Magazine- Ann Barzel
"Jamy Meek, the mixed up hero with dark hints of pathos in his comedy, was ever the excellent dancer"


The Dance Insider- Asimina Chremos
"Mary Nesvadba and Jamy Meek were outstanding in Harrison McEldowney's "Group Therapy". They brought skill and sophistication to bear in their duet... Meek's self-effacing but extremely adept partnering took this silly "bit" well beyond good technique and a good joke, to a higher level of absurdity and delight."


Los Angeles Times -Lewis Segal
"The coltish, versatile Meek also danced with fabulous freedom in eccentric solos ..."

"Jamy Meek embodied ultimate degradation in "Paint it Black"


ADF -Rachel Straus
"Fortunately, when dancer Jamy Meek channeled Jim Carey's talent for physical slapstick, Lickety grew less sweet. It developed bite. Meek buzzed around with atom-splitting precision, broke down his joints into locomotive indecisiveness and bobbed like a ballet-trained eraser head. It was riveting. Meek's amusing solo was also in tune with Hubbard Street's asthetic: the faster the better."


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